HOLLYWOOD! Here we come!

Roll out the red carpet, the OMs are heading for Hollywood!

This summer, some of the biggest names in show business will converge in Los Angeles for a night high on glitz and glamour.  We’re thrilled to report that in their midst, at the Gibson Amphitheatre in California’s Universal City, more than 100 of our very own OMs will be playing a starring role.

The date is June 5, the occasion the MTV Movie Awards. We’re not yet sure who will claim the night’s major accolades, but here at OM HQ’s in Saunderstown, we feel as though we’ve won the biggest prize already.

 It should go without saying that it is an opportuniy that we have grabbed with both hands. Having grabbed it, we’re not letting go.

Thrilled does not begin to describe our feelings at this stage.  Nervous?  You bet.  Excited?  For sure.  Busy?  Ha, please.  You have no idea.

Our deadline is May 25.  By then we’ll have created 160 OMs ready for the biggest night of their lives.  Every OM that has ever left our studio has been created with the highest degree of love, skill, care and attention, but these have to be our best OMs ever.

After all, who knows whose hands these OMs might end up in?  To think of all the possibilities here is a little mind-blowing.  If we think about it too much, we might have to lie down.

So the hard work starts here. There might be one or two all-nighters, we might need to order a little extra clay, and we’ll perhaps need a hand to get them all painted in time.

But let’s be clear: we’ll be ready.  Make no mistake.  Chances like this don’t come around too often and they’re a lot of fun!.

So what’s the deal?  What’s it all about?  Unbeknown to us Saunderstown small-timers, all the celebrities in town, in LA, for the big awards events are invited to attend ‘gift lounges’ in the build up to the big night.

In these lounges, gift bags are bestowed upon said celebrities.  One group involved in putting gift bags together is our contact, a ‘group of artisans from around the globe, uniting together to take each other to a higher level of marketing, sales and friendship’.  Having seen our OMs this group has invited us to take part in their project.

Our shipment will include 95 OMs for the celebrities and a further 60 for some of the most influential entertainment journalists on the planet.

The final guest list has, at this stage, still to be finalised, but Salm, Panache, Tabit, Cheleb and Chara have all been nominated.

This could just be the start. The MTV Movie Awards – or as we like to call them in our studio, The OMTV Movie Awards – is just one such event.  Next will be  The Emmys and The Golden Globes.  Our dream is to introduce an OM to Oscar.

We think they’d get along rather well, OM and Oscar.

It’s important that we don’t get too starstruck, that we remember our roots, but we’re allowed to dream a little.

We can’t help wondering whether perhaps our OMs might make some famous friends in LA, it might lead to some bigger projects further down the line.

How about OM: The Movie?  Starring TOM Cruise as Panache?  No?  Really?

We should stop dreaming for a moment and get down to some real work.

After all, 160 OMs aren’t going to create themselves and there are some famous people waiting to connect!

We will be all connected in HOLLYWOOD


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