Making a difference: In Delaware, OH…..

Kevin Bacon feels it’s important to hear John and Joyce Jackson’s story. We agree . . . .

In Delaware, Ohio, John and Joyce Jackson have made a difference.

To mark the latest Make a Difference Day, the giving grandparents went from door-to-door, collecting food donations from their neighbors.

Their granddaughter, Erin Adams, helped, the benevolent trio using a small red wagon to collect the goods on offer.

The final haul weighed 344 pounds and is enough to feed a family of four for three weeks.

“Our family has been blessed,” explains Joyce. “We don’t [just] want to take, take, take . . . .”

This is the second time that John and Joyce – both 70 – have done this, the pair contacting local residents several days earlier and appealing to them to help make a difference to those less fortunate.

“Some came running out into the street to track us down,” says John, who took all the donated items to the local People in Need programme.

“It touched us,” admits executive director Kevin Crowley. “It’s easy to say ‘somebody should do something’. They went ahead and did it.”

Here in Saunderstown, Rhode Island – where, through our OMs, we are trying to make a difference every day – we’d like to applaud the Jacksons and congratulate them on receiving their Make a Difference Day Award . . . .

It just goes to prove that a little effort can go a long way.

Let’s make a difference.

We are all connected.

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