Making a difference in Las Vegas, NV….

Kevin Bacon feels it’s important to hear Mary Vail’s story. We agree . . . .

In Las Vegas, Nevada, Mary Vail is making a difference.

It was 13 years ago that Mary first heard about Make a Difference Day and, in that time, her efforts have touched countless lives.

“My father taught me you must always help those who have less,” she explains. “When I read about Make a Difference Day, I thought, ‘I can do this!'”

Mary’s method of helping others is to stage an annual supermarket food drive, a project that encourages shoppers to purchase one additional item to donate to those less fortunate. The response has been remarkable.

“People’s generosity floors me,” she admits. “One woman who donated a whole cartload told me she once depended on the Salvation Army Food Bank. It’s amazing.”

Mary’s latest food drive collected cans weighing 3,500 pounds.

Since she started her annual project, she has donated more than 22 tonnes of food and toiletries to the Salvation Army.

Entertainment blogger, Robin Leach, who supported Mary’s efforts, said, “Las Vegas isn’t the Sin City that everyone imagines. This is a regular community that takes care of its own. It’s extraordinary.”

Here in Saunderstown, Rhode Island – where, through our OMs, we are trying to make a difference every day, we’d like to applaud Mary and congratulate her on receiving her Make a Difference Day Award . . . .

It just goes to prove that a little effort can go a long way.

Let’s make a difference . . . .

We are all connected. 

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