Know that YOU can make a difference in the lives of others . . . .

Their motto is borrowed from Theodore Roosevelt . . . .

‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,’ it goes.

It remains as relevant now as it was then, as salient in Singapore as it proved upon its initial utterance in the United States.

Breathing fresh life into an inspirational expression are the people behind Blessings in a Bag.

This is a non-profit organization, based in Asia, that has come to our attention here in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, in recent days.

The conduit for this connection is BIAB’s latest campaign . . . .

It’s called Rock the Kindness: One Week of Awesome.

Organized in conjunction with other like-minded organizations – including the Singapore Kindness Movement – this is a project that aims to spread kindness and touch lives.

Such things always strike a chord here at OM HQ.

Using volunteers – known as World Change Agents – the organizers have a clear objective . . . .

To bring a little cheer, to brighten days and to encourage a friendlier and more thoughtful society, one more compassionate, one better connected.

The acts in themselves are small – sharing a table, offering a seat, giving a small gift, or greeting a stranger – but then sometimes that’s all it takes to make the greatest difference. BIAB says such things are awesome, and we’re in full agreement.

To paraphrase Blessings in a Bag founder Emily Teng, this week’s events are about recognizing and celebrating the importance of small deeds, the things we tend to overlook, neglect and take for granted, the message being that all acts of kindness – big or small – must be acknowledged and appreciated. Here in our studio, we couldn’t agree more.

Due to the geography, it’s not possible for us to be in Singapore, lending a hand this morning, but what we can do is share this in the hope that it inspires you . . . .

To quote from their mission statement, Blessings in a Bag was founded in the hope that YOU might be inspired to make a difference in the lives of others: ‘We believe in doing small things with a lot of focus and a big heart. We like to see ourselves as middle men, connecting the people who can help with the people who need it most.’

Here at OM HQ, this speaks to us loud and clear . . . .

You see, we too believe in spreading kindness and touching lives, we too are trying to make a difference and we too are doing our bit to connect people.

Our OMs are our World Change Agents and, at their heart, is something quite awesome.

From Theodore Roosevelt to Blessings in a Bag and to the team at OM HQ . . . .

In the United States, Singapore and all over the Earth . . . .

We are all connected.

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