John, Evelyn, Emma & the OMs: In New York City, we are all connected . . . .

New York holds a special place in our hearts . . . .

It was there, in this most significant of cities, that Emma Lazarus penned the celebrated sonnet that beckoned the huddled masses seeking a fresh start, there that Evelyn Hausner discovered a home safe from persecution, there that John Lennon, having decreed that love is all you need, began his global quest for peace.

New York has always attracted those capable of making a difference on this Earth and – in our minds, at least – is a place that oozes connection . . . .

It is fitting then that it is there, in Manhattan, that we’ll be putting our powers to the test once again next month . . . .

There at the cavernous Javits Center, at the New York International Gift Fair, the Marketplace of the World . . . .

There in an arena that could change our lives forever, a place packed with creative talent and one where opportunities abound . . . .

There, in a place home to more than eight million people, our three-inch OMs must stand tall and make themselves heard. To quote Frank Sinatra, ‘if we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere’.

It’s a huge challenge, but it’s one that doesn’t daunt the team here at OM HQ.

This is our third appearance at the NYIGF and it promises to be the best ever.

For the first time, we’ll have our own booth, dedicated to us and our OMs and our tireless efforts behind the scenes ought to enable us to stand out from the crowd.

Some crowd it is too – 35,000 attendees, drawn from all 50 states and more than 80 countries – as befits an event that aims to showcase 100,000 product lines to the most important buyers and reps in retail.

Such people are searching for the next big thing, for a product that can make a global impact and touch lives the Earth over.

Here in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, we’re convinced our OMs have that power and we’re determined to harness it.

So to Manhattan where, like Emma Lazarus, we’ll strive to use our own symbols of hope to reshape outlooks, where, like Evelyn Hausner, we’ll attempt to use our kindness and generosity to touch lives and help people, and where, like John Lennon, we’ll be doing it for the near and the dear ones, the old and the young, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor and the black and the white . . . .

Here’s to them and here’s to New York . . . .

We are all connected.

YOU can help us make it big in New York next month! Here at OM HQ, we’re seeking contributions to help us fund a trip that we hope might change our lives forever. If you made a pledge to our Kickstarter campaign and still wish to donate – or even if you didn’t but you’d like to give now – you can contribute via the Paypal button on our official website. Please check out our news and events blog for further details.

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