Let us be kind . . .

Remember Robyn Bomar?

Robyn is the benevolent Floridian who, upon turning 38, decided to dedicate herself to doing good deeds, helping out others and spreading a little kindness. The latest inspirational individual to feature on our blog is driving other like-minded souls to do the same. Her reach extends far beyond the Sunshine State . . .

To Saunderstown, Rhode Island? For sure. To Islamabad, Pakistan? No question about it. It is there, in an often troubled place, that one Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi got to hear about Robyn and her quest. Being a film-maker of no small talent, Syed did what he does best . . .

Inspired – and with his 22nd birthday fast approaching – a man just as keen on kindness as Robyn and ourselves followed her lead. He documented his efforts on camera. You can see his remarkable movie here.

Syed gave juice to the thirsty children roaming Islamabad’s streets, picked up trash at a local university, took over barrier duties at a manned checkpoint whilst the guards stationed there took a short break for dinner and handed out apples to laborers unable to find work.

He distributed balloons to children at a local orphanage – an institution that has a sign that reads ‘Home of love and care’. Like Robyn before him, Syed made a difference.

This particular tale inspires us not just because of the things Syed did, but also because of the astonishing impact that Robyn’s initial efforts are having. It just goes to underline that our own actions can influence others, both near and far. In setting an example and in doing good deeds, we can set a tone that others pick up, one that can have far-reaching consequences for people on the other side of the planet.

Think about those thirsty street children in Islamabad. The juice handed to them that morning is the result not just of Syed’s kind-heartedness, but also of Robyn’s, several thousand miles away, in Destin, Florida. To us, here at OM HQ, there’s nothing that says we are all connected quite like such instances.

Like the music that accompanies Syed’s film urges us, know you’re not alone. Like Syed in his movie implores, let’s create a society where . . . we have each other. Here’s to kindness, to Syed and Robyn, and here’s to setting an example and inspiring others . . .

We are all connected.

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