We were made to be awesome . . .

Hello again from everyone at the OM@home blog, a blog about children and young people, written for children and young people . . . .

For young people just like you, about young people who inspire us here at OM HQ.

Young people like Robby Novak . . . .

Robby Novak, Kid President, brittle bone, osteo imperfecta, inspiring kids,

Robby, who hails from Tennessee, suffers from a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta . . .

It’s better known as Brittle Bone Disease and it means that, since birth, the nine-year-old has always been prone to injuring himself. To date, Robby’s fractures total 70.

So far, so boring, right?

The thing is, we don’t do boring here. Boring is easy, everyone can be boring. You see, on this subject, we’re with Robby . . .

Perhaps it’d be best to use a different name, here. Something like Kid President.

Confused? You need a pep talk . . .

It doesn’t matter what kind of morning you’re having, watching this film cannot fail to put a smile on your face. It sure made us all laugh, here at OM®. It inspires us too, because here is someone who, for all his bravado and good humor, suffers from a medical condition that means he is often unable to behave like a regular kid. That his message is stop complaining and do more dancing is something that we all can learn from.

Here in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, where OMs are our Space Jam, we’ve created something that has made the world awesome. We’d like to join with Kid President and ask, ‘what will you do?’

Nothing, if you keep sitting there so get out there and get to it. Don’t stop believing! Unless your dream is stupid (in which case, you should get a better dream).

If we’re all on the same team, let’s start acting like it.Tread the path that leads to awesome and, together, let’s make the world better for each other.

We were made to be awesome.

We’ve got work to do . . .

Robby Nocak, Kid President, We are all connected, OM by Miquette We are all connected. 

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