Spreading kindness with heart and sole . . .

Hello again from everyone at the OM@home blog, a blog about children and young people, written for children and young people . . . .

For young people just like you, about young people who inspire us here at OM HQ.

Young people like Madison Steiner . . . .

Peach's Neet Feet, Madison Steiner, kindness, heart and sole, connection, OM by Miquette, we are all connected

Madison has been called a High School drop-out, having decided to quit the classroom at 16 . . .

That shouldn’t be taken to mean that her life doesn’t have direction, however. The truth is quite the opposite. You see, Madison has long known the path she is set upon following.

It is one that brings hope and happiness to all she encounters en route.

Madison is better known as Peach and this is her at work . . .

Madison Steiner, Peach's Neet Feet

You see, Madison has established her own non-profit organization and, through it, she is helping people in need. Young people. Sick people. The project is called Peach’s Neet Feet.

Using talented artists from all over the United States, Peach custom paints and donates shoes to children suffering from serious illnesses or living with disabilities. The shoes tell that particular child’s tale, bringing awareness to their plight, and celebrating their courage and individuality. Each pair, like each child, is unique. The results are remarkable.

Take these ones, for instance . . .

Peach's Neet Feet, Madison Steiner

Or these . . .

Peach's Neet Feet, Madison Steiner

That such super shoes have been designed, made and distributed to innumerable children and young people in recent times is something that heartens us a great deal here at OM®. You see, we’re talking about children and young people like Kaj, who suffered terrible injuries in a fire, and Cooper, a three-year-old fighting cancer. Cooper’s name, incidentally, is written on his shoes in monster blood, which is, you’ll be sure to agree, rather awesome.

Here at OM®, we appreciate Peach, not just for her artistic aptitude but also for her compassion and kindness. She is making a difference and improving people’s lives. She is an inspiration.

To quote from Peach’s Neet Feet, ‘Each brush stroke is filled with soul, inspiration and hope. Through her endeavors, [Peach] has learned that these are more than just a pair of shoes, [they’re] a gateway, to connect people [and] to encourage people to do the same. Madison has seen a ripple of kindness turn into a wave of compassion, leading by example daily’.

Here at OM®, we couldn’t be more impressed . . .

OM by Miquette, Peach's Neet Feet, Madison Steiner, we are all connected, connection

We are all connected.

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