Love & compassion are pumping through our veins . . . .

Prejudice and discrimination come in all shapes and sizes . . . There are forms founded on race and religion. People's beliefs, their social standing - perceived or otherwise - and their sexual orientation, all such things (and innumerable others) can lead to intolerance, isolation, and behavior unbefitting us as human beings. Hard as it... Continue Reading →

HIV, Patrick O’Connell and the ribbon that connected the planet . . . .

It had to stand out. Red, Patrick O'Connell decided, the brighter and the bolder the better. It was 1991, and the decade's death toll in New York alone fast approached 32,000. It was, Patrick O'Connell realized, time to make a stand. The killer in his midst, Aids and HIV, the virus taking a devastating grip... Continue Reading →

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