‘We are all here for each other and should seek to help whenever we can….’

The best thing about being in the OM trade is the platform it gives us to meet inspirational people . . . People like Brian Armstrong. Brian is a recent acquaintance and a card-carrying OM enthusiast. You see, the connective Connecticuter is a firm believer in the things that drive our efforts here in Saunderstown.... Continue Reading →

“I had so much joy . . . . the happiness in my heart was as deep as the sea”

Connection can be a powerful thing. Just ask Saroo Brierly. In 1986, aged just five, he left his run-down home in Ganesh Talei, a tough neighborhood in Khandwa, India, bound for the local station with his older brother Guddu. It was there that Guddu swept trains to earn a few extra rupees to help his impoverished... Continue Reading →

Born This Way: Lady Gaga and the quest to make kindness cool . . . .

Her lowest point, the time the High School bullies flung her into a trash can. The incident, not an isolated one. The name-calling so frequent it soon became unbearable, the insults 'profane' and 'horrible', the 'huge crowd' that stood back and allowed it to happen offering no assistance. 'My school work suffered,' she admits as... Continue Reading →

“I have found out that being nice doesn’t take extra time . . . .”

Isla Quinn has changed the world. Imperceptibly, perhaps, but there can be no question that the planet is a more connected place for her presence on it. Reaching out, touching lives, making a difference. Not bad for a five-month old. If Isla is the inspiration, her father, Ryan Garcia, is the conduit for spreading a... Continue Reading →

‘Compassion is the greatest form of love that humans have to offer . . . .’

"I want to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion that will make a ripple around the world." - Rachel Scott. She fell first that dreadful morning. She had been eating lunch, sitting on the grass outside the cafeteria, when the shooting started. Four bullets struck her. For Rachel Scott, life no longer. The selfless... Continue Reading →

“Our interconnectedness, empathy and compassion are what make us special….”

For a time, it was touch and go. Those gathered around her bedside had been told to prepare themselves for the worst. Funeral arrangements had been discussed, the fear that she might never recover consciousness. Her name, Elizabeth Hovde, her dreadful injuries suffered during a skiing accident in Oregon a little over 12 months ago.... Continue Reading →

Taking a look through the window of life: Charlie’s challenge connects us all . . . .

In 2005, in the UK, five-year-old Charlie Williams was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a rare and deadly cancer that all too often proves fatal. Seven years later, Charlie has just been given the all-clear. This is his story, told in a letter he wrote, in his own words.  We hope that it inspires you as much... Continue Reading →

The angel, the hope and the quest to make life ‘as good as she imagined it.’

Born amidst great tragedy, so too did she die. Dark days bookended a life too short - it lasted less than a decade - but, despite the despair, from it, great hope endures. Her name, Christina-Taylor Green. You might know her better as the Angel of Tucson. Twelve months have passed since the nine-year-old died,... Continue Reading →

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