‘We share more with others than we often recognize . . .’

It's going to be an historic event, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. It's something that hasn't happened since 1888 and something that might not occur again for more than 70,000 years. That no-one knows exactly when the next one will be demonstrates just how rare this is. It's a time to be appreciative and grateful and a... Continue Reading →

Lighting the paths of others, who need love and kindness . . .

"The world doesn't need another website. It doesn't need another app or a network. What it needs is really basic. Simple. Bare-boned and often forgotten in the race to get followers, likes and status. LOVE. Pure, old-fashioned, never-goes-out-of-style love. Ridiculous, oozing, cannot pack this thang into 140 characters kind of love. Fearless, bold, unstoppable love. And... Continue Reading →

Big dreams and even bigger hearts – help us make our wishes come true . . . .

In the beginning there was no grand plan, just a heap of clay . . . . It was 2009 and, in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, times were tough for Miquette Bishop and her family. Looking back at a period she describes as 'financially dark', Miquette is frank in admitting this ranks amongst the 'lowest points'... Continue Reading →

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