Good deeds or donuts, we must keep paying forward . . .

In Naples, Italy, there's a custom we've heard about that is known as Caffè Sospeso . . . Translated roughly, this means 'suspended coffee'. It has been around for quite some time, originating more than 100 years ago in the city's working-class cafes. In the intervening period, throughout Naples and further afield, Caffè Sospeso has become commonplace. Tradition... Continue Reading →

The token effort: be kind, compassionate & thoughtful . . .

Paying it forward - the idea that doing a good deed can inspire another, and so on and so forth - is a familiar concept . . . The inspiration for Walk4Good, Christine Baker's kindness quest and the foundation that Rachel's Challenge has been built upon, like-minded people from all over the planet are dedicating... Continue Reading →

‘Kids know what they’re talking about (and we need to start listening to them more) . . .’

Here at OM®, we spend a great deal of time each week researching the topics and themes for this blog . . . Our latest post, however, didn't take much finding. You see, it came to us. Earlier this week, we received a message from Shala Indelicato, a proud mom from Texas. Shala had read a... Continue Reading →

Having the courage to do the right thing . . .

Trying to spread kindness can often feel like fighting a losing battle . . . There is so much prejudice out there, such discord and ingrained thoughtlessness, that at times, it's like swimming against the tide. It's at these times that our courage is required. It's at these times that it's important to remember Rosa.... Continue Reading →

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