Good deeds or donuts, we must keep paying forward . . .

In Naples, Italy, there's a custom we've heard about that is known as Caffè Sospeso . . . Translated roughly, this means 'suspended coffee'. It has been around for quite some time, originating more than 100 years ago in the city's working-class cafes. In the intervening period, throughout Naples and further afield, Caffè Sospeso has become commonplace. Tradition... Continue Reading →

‘Kids know what they’re talking about (and we need to start listening to them more) . . .’

Here at OM®, we spend a great deal of time each week researching the topics and themes for this blog . . . Our latest post, however, didn't take much finding. You see, it came to us. Earlier this week, we received a message from Shala Indelicato, a proud mom from Texas. Shala had read a... Continue Reading →

‘Compassion is the greatest form of love that humans have to offer . . . .’

"I want to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion that will make a ripple around the world." - Rachel Scott. She fell first that dreadful morning. She had been eating lunch, sitting on the grass outside the cafeteria, when the shooting started. Four bullets struck her. For Rachel Scott, life no longer. The selfless... Continue Reading →

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