‘The only limitations that we have are the ones we allow to hold us down . . . .’

In recent days, here at OM HQ, we've spent a lot of time thinking about Christine Baker . . . . You'll recall that Christine is hiking The Appalachian Trail to raise funds for Walk4Good, a non-profit organization dedicated to 'inspiring and empowering people to practice kindness and pass acts of kindness onto others'. Christine... Continue Reading →

Make a promise to yourself to realize one simple fact: we are all connected . . .

You've heard about Maya's forthcoming adventure . . . . Our intrepid OM is preparing to trek The Appalachian Trail, accompanying Christine Baker and Jessie on an expedition that is expected to last six months. It's an ambitious undertaking, but our three-inch explorer is going to be in good hands. You see, Christine shares our... Continue Reading →

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